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10 Nov

Dealers List

Dealer’s Name Heart of the Star Baron’s Beauties Hilary’s Vanity Book Universe Cargo Cult Books The Hornsmythe Phil Davis Books Fo’ Paws DragonMarsh Sign of the Unicorn Phil Foglio Pendragon Costumes GLAWS Bobcat Publishing Angelwear NOVA SF Magazine Galaxy Press Dreamsinger Music Soundtrack BlackHeart Metals Massoglia Books Tyrannical Piratical Treasures Lyzard13 Dawno’s Beaded Badge Lanyards […]

10 Nov

At Con One day Pricing, Childrens pricing

Hi Folks, As we get closer to the convention we start getting questions about single day pricing. We do have pricing for one day memberships but they are only available on site. Friday: $35.00 Saturday $35.00 Sunday $25.00 And of course the at con price for the whole weekend is $50.00 Childrens pricing is $25.00 […]

07 Nov

Participants – or The People you want to see on Panels

LAST NAME FIRST NAME NOTES Achorn Brett Fan, Anime Room Alexander Maria Author of Horror & Poetry Anderson Karen Co-author/Fan Barnes Steve SF Author Bartlett Steve Rocketry/Space Bates Kenn S. Shotokan Karate Instructor Beach Sarah Author Benford Greg Hard SF Writer Berliner Erik Pirate captain (re-enactor) Blackmoore Stephen crime and horror Blaker Fr. John Fan […]

30 Nov

Dealer’s Information

Currently we have No tables available; however you can get on the waiting list by filling out this form.