07 Nov

Participants – or The People you want to see on Panels




Achorn Brett Fan, Anime Room

Alexander Maria Author of Horror & Poetry

Anderson Karen Co-author/Fan

Barnes Steve SF Author

Bartlett Steve Rocketry/Space

Bates Kenn S. Shotokan Karate Instructor

Beach Sarah Author

Benford Greg Hard SF Writer

Berliner Erik Pirate captain (re-enactor)

Blackmoore Stephen crime and horror

Blaker Fr. John Fan

Bratman David S. Fantasy Writer,Book Reviewer/

Brooks Eben Filk

Brown Jordan Computers, conrunning

Brown Kim Conrunner

Brun Todd Scientist

Bull Emma Fantasy & SF Author/Costumer/Editor

Busby Jim Dr. Science/SF

Castellucci Cecil Comics YA Writer for DC Comics

Cesarone Robert J. Science

Chassiakos Reid Yolanda (Linda) E-books/Fiction Writer Where Angels Fear to Tread as Yolanda Pascal, Dead Air as Linda Read Non Fiction

Cookson Robin

Corsentino Joseph Fantasy Artist

Crosby Colleen Costuming

Daugherty James Stanley Fan

Davis Dean Science

Dazzo Genevieve Science

DeChancie John Fantasy Author

Dixon Buzz Writer – Animation

Dixon Dani Creator of Comic 13 and Tumble Creek Press

Dumars Denise Vampire Poetry

Engelberg Michael Physician/Movie Producer (Robert Heinlein Puppet Masters)

Erickson Daniel E. Science

Ernoehazy Dr. Bill Science/Medical Dr.

Espenson Jane TV Writer/Co-Executive Producer on Battlestar Galactica

Estes Kenneth SF TV Writer

Foglio Phil Artist

Foss Richard Fan

Frankel Valerie Fantasy Author

Frankos Laura Childrens Lit/Harry Turtledoves Wife

Frazetti Daryl instructor in Trek anthropology

Gagnon Rene Independent publishing

Gerrold David SF Author

Gilden Mel Costuming Childrens Lit/Cartoon & TV Writing/TV Novelizations

Glass Gail Costumer

Glass James SF Author

Glut Donald F. Author/Film Maker

Gold Barry Filk singer

Goodfellow Cody Horror Author

Goodwin John Galaxy Press President/Pulp Fiction Expert

Grazier Dr. Kevin R. Investigation Scientist and Science Planning Engineer for the Cassini/Huygens Mission to Saturn and Titan.at JPL

Green Ed Fan

Green Jude-Marie (Kelly) Clarion grad, Abyss&Apex editor,

Hambly Barbara Fantasy Author

Hertz John Costuming/Lawer/Regency Dance

Hill Laurel Anne Fantasy/SF Author

Hitchcock Dr. Louise Australian archeologist

Hoffman Eric Author/SF & Horror Expert

Hooper Ed Fan, computers

Horvath Gillian TV Writer

Hultstrand Patti Independent publishing

Jackson Aleta XCOR Aerospace

Jackson II Charles Lee Fan, writer, critic

James Dr. Robert Heinlein expert

James Warren Hour 25

Jacques Donald Independent publishing

Jones Doug Science/Rotary Rockets Xcor

Kasai Kirsten Imani Fantasy Author

Kato Keith G. Physics & Martial Arts

Kerwin James Writer/Director

Khamis Tom Fanhistory, film

Klein Kenny Celtic origin of urban fantasy

Kollin Dani SF Author

Kollin Eytan SF Author

Kolodji Deb Poetry ??

Landry Bridget M. Science/Costuming

Lonsdale Allison Fan

Lyau Bradford Writer
Mason Aaron Sf/horror screenwriter

Matheson David Building a platform as an author

Maudlin Lynn Anthropologist/SF Critic

McCaffrey Todd Fantasy Author

McGuire Christian 2006 World Con, 2010 Westercon  and many other conventions chairman

Miller Craig Animation

Moen Deirdre Saoirse SF & Fantasy Author/Editor

Moffatt June Fan – will not be present :( but is fine

Moffatt Len Fan – will not be present :( but is also doing fine

Moore Leslie Ann Fantasy Writer

Morgenstern Kate Costuming

Morton Will Science (Space Shuttle, YA Author)

Moscoe Mike Short Story SF Writer

Niven Larry SF Author

Ontell Val Fan

Osborn Phil Technology

Patterson William Writer of Heinlein Bio

Phillips Gary editor and a contributor to Orange County Noir, an anthology of original disturbing short stories set behind the Orange Curtain. He’s writing the further sequential adventures of revived ’30s pulp secret agent character, Operator 5, for Moonstone Comics

Potter Seth Science

Powers Tim SF Author

Razani Rezwan Fusion Focus Society

Reid Linda Author aka YS Pascal/Linda Reid

Rich Emerian Horror author, podcast host

Roberts Shauna Author

Safer Thomas Cartoons

Salsitz Rhondi Vilott SF Author

Schacht Jason Fan

Selinger Gail Writer, pirate re-enactor

Sheriff Espana Fanzines

Shetterly Will Fantasy Author

Shepherd Stuart Artist www.stushepherdart.com

Smith Nick Filk/Storytelling

Smith Sherwood Fantasy Author

Sternbach Rick space and science fiction artist film, television illustration and special effects

Stevens Milt Fan/Worldcon Chairman

Thomas True Celtic origin of urban fantasy

Todaro Tony Greater Los Angeles Writers Society

Tom Laurie won the gold award in the 2010 Writers of the Future

Tomomatsu Tadao Fan, Entertainer, MC

Trimble Bjo Fan

Trimble John Fan

Turtledove Harry SF Author

Wade Juliette Analog writer – Bay Area

Wagner Mitch SF Fan/completed several short stories, and is currently writing two novels

Waks Victoria Writer

Warren Bill TV Writer/Internet Writer/TV

Weber Chris Animation/Filk/Childrens TV

Westfahl Gary Encyclopedia of Fantasy

Whiteside Lee Fan

Williams Mark L. TV & YA Writer

Williamson Michael Z SF Author

Willmoth Mike Fan

Wolfman Marv Writer/Animation/Comics

Wu Brianna Artist

Wu Frank Artist

Young Janine Ellen SF Author

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