Rules and Information for Artists and Agents

The Art Show is being brought to you by
Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink and Jerome Scott

1010 E. Acacia
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) six four zero -0949

Call in the evenings or leave a message. We are also online at: elizabeth (at)
jerome (at)

The auction will be around noon on Sunday with 4 bids to auction this year. As for the printshop, we’ll be charging $1 per print, and no commission.

Read on for more official stuff for artists

(these are the ‘offical rules’ that the entry form refers to)…

Loscon is the annual convention of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) of Southern California. The convention is sponsored by LASFS and the whole event is non-profit and run by volunteers.
We have day jobs and are doing this because we are suckers for FUN! Attendance at this convention is normally 1100 to 1500 fans, about a hundred of which normally spend a total of about $10,000 in the Art Show over 3 days.

Stuff you need to know about the show

Art Show space is available in units of panels or half tables. A panel is 3’ wide by 4’ high, and is made of pegboard. Materials for hanging artwork will be provided by the convention. Table space is approximately 3’ long by 2.5’ deep, half a standard hotel table. Each unit of Art Show space is $15.00. Requests for more than 4 units of space must be cleared with the Art Show Directors in advance.

Works judged by the Art Show Staff to have overtly pornographic and/or libelous content in regard to known persons and/or to well known characters will not be accepted. In addition, any copyright issues with well known characters, fictional or not is the responsibility of the artist, not the convention. The decisions of the art show (dictators) directors in these matters are final.

All artwork must be able to withstand reasonable, careful handling by the Art Show Staff. We want your work to go home with the buyer in perfect condition. Please help us by not sending fragile artwork! If you do send fragile work, then please observe the shipper packing guidelines, and use lots of bubble wrap. Biodegradable packing peanuts are infinitely preferable to the plastic static-clingy type.

Two-dimensional works must be matted, mounted or framed to aid in hanging. Stick-on plastic hangars on unmated work are not acceptable.

Jewelry should be displayed in the artist’s own display case, and the case placed on a table. Enough table space must be purchased to hold the display case. If you have a lockable case, please give one set of keys to the artshow directors, so that we can get to pieces for sales, auction etc.

All artwork must be clearly labeled. Please include the title of the piece, your name and address.

Artists are responsible for their own insurance. Check your homeowners policy; you may have appropriate coverage there. We will take reasonable care of your artwork in the show, but the convention cannot acquire the expensive extra insurance for the Art Show.

Once entered in the show, the conditions of sale (Price, not-for-sale, etc.) may not be changed.

There will be no photography or video recording of any kind in the Art Show unless cleared by the Art Show Directors in advance. The artist or agent must be present and consent to any photography or recording.

Mail-In Artists

Please include a check for $15.00 for return shipping and insurance. Any excess money not used for this purpose will be refunded to you. On the other hand, if more money is needed to return your artwork, it will be deducted from sales. Artwork of artists who have insufficient sales and do not send return postage money will be considered abandoned and will not be returned (But we’ll at least contact you first for options!).

Please pack your artwork securely. We want the piece to get to the show in perfect condition, to attract buyers and higher bids. If the contents of the box shift when it is shaken, please add more packing material, such as crumpled newspapers, etc. This will help prevent damage to the contents, especially to the corners!

Artwork being sent to the convention should use this address:

J. Scott, E. Klein-Lebbink
c/o Loscon 37 Art Show
1010 E. Acacia Ave
El Segundo, CA 90245

Please time your shipment to arrive by 20 November 2010 This will give us time to process your artwork before the convention. Packages may be sent by US Mail, UPS, FedEx or an overnight delivery service. No signature on receipt is necessary as our front door is out of sight of the street and the neighborhood is very safe.

Artwork being returned will be shipped within a week after the convention. Please let us know how you want it shipped back. The shipments will be insured for the total of the minimum bids of the artwork enclosed, up to $600 unless you check the box that tells us otherwise. Payment for artwork sold and a refund of excess shipping money will be made in a separate mailing.

Money Matters

Art Show Fees are $15.00 per unit of Art Show. A unit is either a panel or a half table.

All Art Show fees must be paid in advance. Checks should be made payable to “Loscon 37” and drawn on an American bank. International Money Orders, in US Dollars are also acceptable. If you have currency conversion problems, please contact us for more options.

A 10% commission will be collected on all sales. Mail-in artists must include $15.00 to cover the extra work the art show staff must do to hang and re-pack and ship their art. This money is not for return postage and shipping insurance. A minimum of $15 return postage must accompany the artwork (since you shipped it you will know the ‘worst case’ to ship it back the same way). Or, you can include a pre-paid UPS or FedEx form (in lieu of the $15), that would be greatly appreciated. Any excess money not used when the work is returned will be refunded to you with payment for pieces sold

There will be absolutely no payments to artists at the convention. Payments will be mailed as soon as possible, approximately 30 days after the convention.

Setup and Schedule

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Mail-in artwork needs to be received by this date to ensure proper processing.

Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), 25 November 2010

Morning: Art Show physical setup; hang art
2PM to 6PM: Artist check-in, hang art

Friday 26 November 2010

10AM to 6PM Art Show & Print shop open (late artist Check-in)
7PM to 8PM – late hour for Dealers and attending artists to see the Show (informal reception – no food or drink)

Saturday 27 November 2010

10AM to 6PM Art Show, & Print shop open
6PM bidding closes

Sunday, 28 November 2010

9AM-1PM: Art show and print shop open,
NOON, Art Auction
1PM-3PM: Artists pick up remaining art and check-out
3PM-6PM: Breakdown
After 6PM: Remaining artwork not picked up by the artist is considered to be abandoned (we’ll call you first)

All you need to do is send in the reservation form with a check. We will send you an artists’ number for use on the control and bid sheets. If we can get our new-fangled on-line database working we will send out information to those who reply to this email on how to enter all their piece data on line – bid sheets and control sheets will be automatically filled out. If not, we’ll do it the old fashioned way and PDF files will be emailed or available for download from the website.

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